Puresim Racing G-Seat

Experience sim racing immersion like never before with active G-Force and rumble effects

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"Sim racing feels lifeless without it"

Acceleration Surge


Stereo Separated Rumble Effects

Lateral Sustained G-Force

Active Seatbelt Tightening

Plug & Play


Attaches to any Static or Motion Chassis

Shave Seconds Off Your Laptime

Sim Racing

Excellent with VR


Unlike standard motion rigs, the Puresim G-seat will allow you to feel sustained, lateral G-force as you go round a corner, feel increased G-force as the corner tightens and feel the back end of the car come out if you’re not careful!


The stereo rumble effects allow you to feel the rumble strips left and right as well as road texture, engine vibration, gear shifts, bumps, knocks and crashes.


A panel presses your back on acceleration so you can really feel the horsepower and the in-game telemetry will make it easy to feel the difference in power between a road car and formula one race car.

The race harness tightens on braking to simulate real world deceleration forces.


Many Compatible Titles

Flight Sims

Racing Sims

Space Sims

Compatible with a wide range of games including flight sims, space sims, rollercoaster sims and more

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